Sunday, January 28, 2007

Spring Storm on the Mississippi

Oil on canvas
20 x 48

This is a painting of one of my favorite places, the bluffs on the Mississippi. The Illinois side of the river has the bluffs so the best place to actually see them is on the Missouri side. The river itself is really best, but I don't have a boat which makes that somewhat problematic. At one time this section between Alton and Grafton was known as Mt. Radiance. Now, the bluffs are maybe 200 feet high. In my book, that doesn't quite qualify as a mountain, but when the sun hits the bluffs it is indeed radiant.

I've done a number of paintings of this part of the river and will probably do more. This time I went for a more dramatic, romantic version with a spring storm just breaking up.


Beyla said...

You write very well.

Dave B said...

I do? Thanks, I always thought my writing was adequate at best.

Thanks for dropping by. To get this far back you must have spent some time here. Hope you liked what you saw.