Saturday, January 27, 2007

Discovering Dore

Oil on Canvas
27 x 30

I've got to start somewhere so maybe an art blog should start with a picture of someone looking at a picture. I did this one about two years ago. It's a fairly common scene from an art museum, the St. Louis Art Museum in this case. The painting on the wall is by Gustave Dore. He's known mostly for his illustrations, but he was a pretty fair landscape painter too.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I came here from WetCanvas. This is a gorgeous painting! I love the concept. I am curious how you chose the "subject" painting - is it one you particularly like? Will you be doing any more like this?


Dave B said...

Hi. First thanks for looking in and taking the time to comment. Sorry I haven't replied sooner, but I just now noticed there was something here. I really should check back posts from time to time.

I like the Dore painting, but it's not really my favorite at SLAM. I've had people say that this version looks better than the real painting, but they're just being nice. The real thing is pretty powerful. The truth is this scene just happened. I glanced through the door from one gallery to another and there she was, intently studying the painting. Or maybe she was just tired and wanted to rest her feet. Either way the image worked.

I started a painting of a gallery talk, but lost interest. Maybe I'll get back to that, but that's about as close to this as I plan to come again, in the near future at least. Things change though. I would like to do more figurative pieces and the art museum is a pretty good setting.