Monday, June 4, 2007

Storm at Sea

Oil on panel
16 x 12

I have no idea what to say about this picture. I had considered saying something about the start of hurricane season, but that doesn't really have much effect on us around here. Then I thought maybe I could tell you about my love affair with the sea, but that's boring besides given the choice between going to the ocean or the mountains, I'd choose the mountains every time. Doesn't sound like much of a love affair. I never really cared for the pictures of waves breaking on the rocky beach either. So what's left?

Hopefully this will stand on its own. It's definitely a story telling picture. You supply your own story.


malcolm Arnold said...

Fist and foremost , just a wonderful image and executed by a master craftsman .
I see this young woman looking out to sea , dreaming of far off places and maybe that elusive soul mate who waits on some foreign shore . The strong wind blows her attire like the winds that blow the prayer flags on distant Himalayan mountains . Sending her wishes{ prayer} to the special heart that is waiting and listening .
Tells me a lot this picture .

Dave B said...

You really get this stuff don't you. Thanks so much for that and for all the time you've taken in looking and replying. I can live with those interpretations. Pretty much what I was going for actually. But a few months later it took on a somewhat deeper, more personal meaning.