Saturday, June 27, 2015

Child of Water

Silverpoint heightened with white gouache on light blue gray prepared paper
15 x 11ish

A lot of my favorite things here, white dress, reflections in water, hazy background, curly hair.  Well, maybe not so much on the curly hair.  Not that I don't like curly hair, drawing it can just be a bit of a challenge.  

detail about actual size 

This is a second version.  The first was doomed from the very beginning.  After I'd started and gotten well into it I just felt the paper was too dark to convey the mood I wanted.  After that it just got away from me probably because I'd already lost confidence in what the final piece would look like.  Lesson to be learned -- get it right from the beginning.  If a mistake is made, fix it right away or if it can't be fixed, cut your losses and start over.

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