Thursday, November 3, 2011

Something for the charcoal lovers

Charcoal and white chalk
14 x 26

According to the stats for this blog a lot of people come here via image search for charcoal drawings and portraits. Considering how few charcoal drawings i do that strikes me as a bit of a surprise. But I'm all about making people happy so here's one for the charcoal lovers out there. I'm still having trouble getting comfortable with the medium, but I like the look enough to keep trying. For bigger drawings it's much better than pencil and a silverpoint this size would take forever. That in itself makes it worth pursuing.

The stats also say there are even more people coming here for the silverpoint drawings. Not today, but there are more on the way. Stay tuned.


Jeanette said...

Artists who draw well are a dying breed. I'm always happy to come look at your work whether silverpoint or this charcoal piece.

Drawing is such a required skill for all artists, no matter what subject or medium. Unfortunately that emphasis is sadly lacking these days it seems.

And charcoal. Its a beautiful medium to work with. It can go bold or subtle. Your skill in drawing and in mastering charcoal is self evident.

Dave B said...

I don't know that good draftsmen are a dying breed, you just need to know where to look. Places like Grand Central Academy and their spinoffs are cranking out some really good people. The problem is, in my opinion, is that most people are in too big a hurry to get to all the pretty colors. Drawing isn't easy. It takes training, time and practice. No way around it.

The last in question that interview was about what advice would I give someone. I've gotten that question before. I forget what I said to you, but my usual answer is learn to draw. Whether you are a strict realist or totally abstract, it all comes down to who can draw the best shapes. I don't know why more people don't realize that.

Thanks for dropping by. I had something I wanted to ask you too. If I remember right you have an Etsy store, right? Is it worth the trouble? I'm thinking about opening one for some of these smaller sketches I do. said...

David, I believe I have a painting of yours from 1974 maybe High School. I was the accountant of a local artist N. Wallace and when she passed away I have tried to get the original art work back to the artist. I believe this won an award with the Post Dispatch. I do not want anything for the painting just that it finds its way home. you can email me at

Dave B said...

Nope not me. Time frame's about right but I never won anything from the Post. Keep it, after 40 years I'd probably consider it garbage and throw it out.

d00mg1rl said...

Beautiful work on the dress and the way it catches the light. My eye tends to drift to her left wrist though, something doesn't look right there.

Dave B said...

Thanks for dropping by. Good to hear from you again. That whole hand is a bit on the iffy side. I had a lot of trouble with this, way more than i should have. By the time I got the end and judging what needed to be fixed or worked on further, I kinda lost interest. I was just relieved to have gotten it this close.

d00mg1rl said...

Yeah I kind of know what you mean. Been there myself many times lol