Monday, June 27, 2011

What to say?

I saw this video over on the Gurney Journey and just had to pass it on. Strangely enough it kinda fits into what I have been thinking about the last few days. You see, I couldn't quite come up with what I wanted to say about today's offering. That's mainly because there's really nothing to say from my standpoint. So I could make something up that may well be marginally interesting or just punt. I've never been particularly good at creative writing so maybe the video will be a good lead-in. So here's artist's statement along with translation.

And here are today's drawings.

Both are silverpoint and 10 x 8

While these are both nice little drawings, more or less competent, let's face it, they're not exactly earth shattering. Don't get me wrong I like them both quite a bit, and I think they're worth looking at, but neither have any great message. And that's all right too. Everything doesn't have to be a metaphor for something else. Sometimes a drawing is just a drawing. I did them because I liked the poses and the overall feel. The second one is actually a rather sissy pose with no face and just the back of a hand without any fingers showing, but I like it anyway. Deal with it. How's that for an artist's statement?

That being said i'll bet that somewhere out there somebody is going to like these even without all the artistic gobbledygook. Maybe they'll even find a message of their own. So much the better. Maybe they'll even want them for their own. That can be arranged too.

Well, y'all take care out there and try to retain your sanity.


Peggy said...

David Boles...the name evokes memories of West High and envy of the most talented artist in the school--including a vivid memory of his rendition of an onion that brought tears to my eyes--both from envy and because it was so real I could almost smell it. Ok, so it was more an emotional response (did I mention envy?) than a physical one, but I have always remembered my so very talented classmate with the hope that he continued to live his talent. Your name came up recently when I had a friend visit, and she asked about a drawing of a burro I have. I told her the story of my incredibly gifted classmate, adding that many years ago I was in Sedona and chanced upon a print of a burro in pastel ("Grand Canyon Reveille") that had his name on it. I was pleased that he had continued with his art and, as it was within my budget, I purchased it. It still is part of my southwestern art collection. So, this evening, on a whim and an "I wonder," I decided to "google" you. How fortunate that you blog. I've spent an hour or so looking at your posts--especially the art, but also the writing. The high school student I once knew (umm...yep, it's still there...and envied) definitely is present in your work--I'm glad you haven't changed too much, even as your talent has matured. I'll check back from time to time to see if you post anything "southwestern" in nature. In the meantime, I'm just glad to know you didn't give up your art. Thanks for the memories...

Dave B said...

That was such a nice post I kinda hate to say this. Different David Boles, sorry. Apparently there are two of us. I'm the born and raised Missouri one.