Sunday, March 27, 2011

Angry Eyes

8 x 10

I did this one a while back when I was thinking about The Lady in the Lake that eventually turned into a watercolor. I wound up going a different direction, but at one time I had thought about using this or something like it as the lady. The expression would have worked nicely I think. She would have been in the lake with the water bubbling up around here gradually turning into her white gown. Still like that concept, may have to go back to it.


Billie Crain said...

Still doing amazing work, Dave. Wow...the look in her eyes is killer. If I can make a suggestion...consider joining Facebook. Many artists are over there, many well known and very successful artists. You can get more exposure for your work. You can also link your blogs up to the site. I've made several sales from there as well.

Dave B said...

Thanks and thanks for dropping by.

The Facebook thing, I have considered it, but can't get too excited by it. I guess I don't really see the point. I also have no ego so I have trouble understanding why anyone would care that I was there. Since this is going out so the whole world, in theory, can see it I better leave it there.

Billie Crain said...

Nobody cared that I was there when I first joined and I know most artists(including me)are their own worst critics and have fragile egos. What strikes me about your work is that I've not seen anything like it on FB. It's unique and IMO, the public needs to see it. I won't nag. It's your call.

Shelley Whiting said...

This portrait is ethereal and dreamy. I love how soft and delicate it is. The woman is very lovely and gorgeous.

Dave B said...

Thanks, I kinda like this one. Not much to it but it still has something going on. She's got a great face. There's another drawing of her that I want to get around to. I just have to get it designed right.