Monday, January 24, 2011

View from the Bluffs

OIl on Panel
9 1/4 x 16

This is one of my favorite places. It's out on the Lewis & Clark hiking trail, also one of my favorites. A couple hundred years ago Lewis & Clark were making their way up the Missouri River right past this spot. That's kind of a big deal if you're into American history. If not, well that's all I got so don't worry about an unwanted history lesson today.

A few years ago now I was out there on the bluffs just looking around and clearing my mind a bit. While I was there I noticed some clouds on the western horizon coming down the river. It was really pretty impressive. So I just sat there and watched it coming. After a while I realized it was coming right at me, but I realized that a little late. It was coming fast, and I was a good two miles away from the car. I got really wet that day.

One problem I have with painting favorite places is that since they are favorites I obviously like them. So the problem becomes, do I like the painting because it's a good piece of work or do I just like the subject matter? The two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, but personal feelings do tend to get in the way of critical thinking. So what do you think, is it a good painting or just a good place?


Lynn said...

Beautifully handled, David, but I think I'd like some of those clouds you mentioned, and maybe a bit more of the rock on the left......but I get the wonderful sense of peace as it is. I agree with you, it is sometimes hard to separate your intense connection with a place from your critical eye......maybe impossible?

Dave B said...

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.
You may be right about the clouds. Might have overdone the peace and quite. Funny thing about the bluffs though, they're hard to see unless you're somewhere else especially in the summer. To see them best you usually have to be on the river.