Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dry Stream Bed

Oil on Panel
14 x 12

I refuse to let autumn come to an end just yet. This is from one of my favorite hiking spots. The stream bed itself is about at the half way mark 2 1/2 miles in. With the exception of a couple little puddles I've never seen any water in it. That's not entirely bad, it's still a really pretty and quiet spot. But, I think it was last spring, I was there and there was water running in it, not much but still enough to be called a stream again. With all the rocks, getting across with dry feet was no problem. Since it was a different look I thought I'd stay for a while and look around. After a few minutes some more people came strolling by. Apparently they'd never seen water before because it took a good five minutes of planning to cross this little trickle. Dude, there's plenty of good solid rocks to step on, and worst case it's only two inches deep at most.

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