Saturday, September 20, 2008

Figure and Fabric

Silverpoint on prepared paper
10 x 8

I've been meaning to post this all week, but with the elections and all the problems on the stock market I've been really hacked off, and I was afraid it could quickly spiral off into a rant against the vast majority of the world. Well, I've taken a deep breath, and decided there are definitely enough political blogs spewing partisan crap that I need to stay away from it. Just in case you're wondering though I'm hoping for a scoreless tie in this presidential election. No winner, start over with a whole new bunch. They're both fools at best and possibly downright dangerous. Hold on, I'm spiraling. Back to art.

Okay, I'm better now and I'll try to remain focused on this drawing which combines some of my favorite things, a pretty woman, good lighting and white drapery. Can't go too far wrong with those elements. This is on the same off white ground as the flute player a couple posts back. I really like the color and value. It's just enough to knock off the bright white of the paper but still light enough that heightening with white isn't necessary. If a bit more light is needed though a touch of white will add some sparkle. It's warm enough that it combines with the silver really well, and as it oxidizes it should just get better. Compositionally this is obviously based on triangles, the most stable of shapes. But there's also an inverted triangle coming down from the top. Most definitely not stable. So to counter that throw in a couple vertical columns and a horizontal or two and everything nice and solid again.

You may notice I've added a couple new links where you can see more of my work. Everything there will be here. There will probably be more things here actually. But please free to take a look and tell me what you think. If you go to Brushspace click on the follow this artist button. Near as I can tell it doesn't do anything or maybe nobody that I'm following has added anything new. Anyway I've recently fallen out of the top 100 most followed, and that bothers me for some reason. There's some really good work there. If you want to take a look at the My St Louis Art site you'll see the world I find myself stuck in. Click on the photos button to see examples of the work from around here. And while I'm babbling on let me add a thank you to everyone that has dropped by, and a special thank you for the ones that have taken the time to comment. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated. Thanks


malcolm Arnold said...

David , Aside from your fabulous wisdom and sense of humour , I am in awe . Your draftsmanship is outstanding . In general your uses of different mediums is inspiring to say the least . In fact mate , I am a bit stuck for words . So many great artists ' out there' but you rank right up amongst the top . Also you could be a great stand in for Seinfield . Well , well done .I mean this sincerely

Dave B said...

Fabulous wisdom? If I'm considered wise these days that explains a lot about why things are so screwed up.

Thanks so much for the comments, especially the draftsmanship part. I've spent quite a bit of time working on it, and I still think it could be better. As for all the mediums maybe I'd be better off if I concentrated on one or two. But some things just work better for a particular subject. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses.

Thank you again for the comments and compliments. They're greatly appreciated. Around here I'm pretty much overlooked, just not on the cutting edge. Maybe I'll start posting local reviews. Some of them are pretty funny even though they're meant to be serious in the extreme. Oh and Seinfeld, I look more like George with Kramer's hair which explains the lack of self portraits.

malcolm Arnold said...

"Around here I'm pretty much overlooked " I am intrigued by this comment . One would have to be dead form the a... up not to see a great talent . It jumps out and hits one in the soul . Also an indication of who you are is your links . Tells me a lot .
You are absolutely correct . The work 'demands' the type of medium .Keep listening to what the work is saying . It is holding you in good stead . Your skills are evident with all of the ones you use . Malcolm Arnold

Dave B said...

What can I say? The St Louis area is hard to explain.