Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hand Studies

Many people find hands to be the most difficult part of the human form to draw, and I'll agree they can be. Unfortunately they are also one of the most expressive parts of the body too, so learning to draw them is pretty much a necessity. So what tips do I have for drawing them? None at all other than practice, practice, practice. Sorry no real words of wisdom here, but I'm open to suggestions. That being said I do take my own advice, and I do a lot of hand studies. The following examples are all kind of old now. (My camera bought the farm and the scanner isn't much better, so for the next few weeks there will either be older things or nothing at all.)

pencil heightened white white chalk

This is the oldest one of the bunch. Hopefully these will show some improve with time. It is a study for a larger piece that I never got around to doing. Maybe someday, but until now the hands are all that exist.

pencil heightened with white chalk

Another study for a larger oil, this one was done. This study is actually a good example of why it is good to do studies. Not only do you work out any potential problems before the actual final work begins, but you may wind up with a nice piece in itself. People love to see the process leading up to the final work. In this case the study was bought by a violin teacher. Apparently my model has perfect technique, and the teacher wanted to use this as an example of what should be done. Really more of a compliment to my model who is a wonderful violist than to me, but I did wind up with two sales instead of one.

silverpoint heightened with white chalk

You might remember a similar piece back in the beginning of this blog. This one, like that one, is really more of a stand alone piece. It was never meant to grow up into something bigger. Just a practice piece that works pretty well all by itself.


El Viajero said...

I love your work!
I would like to share my Blog with you.

Dave B said...

Thanks and thanks for taking the time to comment.

I looked over at your spot. Nice work, very latin, very powerful images.

malcolm Arnold said...

Dave , there is nothing in art than a well executed drawing , in my humble opinion .. I studied a well known Australian artist all my life . Indeed it was an image of one of his works that , at the age of seven , when I saw it , it struck something inside . I took that print home to my mother and said I wanted to do pictures like this when I grow up . My destiny was set . Anyway this is about you not me . One of this man's quotes is one that I agree with with a passion . "I do not think a person can call themselves an artist unless they can draw " This would be quite controversial these days but I still maintain it's truth . The work of the violin player is just a sheer joy to look at . In fact I just love your work full stop .

Dave B said...

I missed this one the other day somehow. Truth be told I prefer drawing to painting. I always wanted to get an etching press, but could never afford it. Thanks again.