Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Winter Church

22 x 30

I was looking through photos trying to find something that might be of interest, and I ran across this one. It's a bit on the old side, but it's not too bad. On to the interesting part.

This was in a show once upon a time. When I have shows I like to kind of blend in and see what people really think. If they know you are the artist you rarely get true feedback. You get the "Oh this is wonderful" stuff whether it is or not. While that may be good for the ego, it really doesn't help all that much. Anyway, I was wandering around and there was this one guy talking to a rather attractive woman in front of this painting. A little eavesdropping seemed to be in order so I started listening to him tell her all about my painting. It seems that this piece is all about life and death and spirituality. The green tree represents life with the dead (actually leafless) tree and cemetery representing death. The church of course is the spiritual part. I don't know if she was buying all this, but I was quite impressed, especially since I had no idea that I had done that. I thought I was just balancing out lights and darks not commenting on life and death.

I guess I'm just a deep kind of guy, deeper than even I knew. Something was sure getting deep that night.


d00mg1rl said...

I'd have to agree with the guy’s assessment of this piece. It does seem to have a life and death quality about it. I love the old church, the fog works well in the background, give this and ethereal setting with the subject. Not too sure I like that object just left of the dead tree though. It seems to make another door way like you go through the church entrance for good souls and through the arch for evil souls. Overall I could see myself living here.

Dave B said...

There really is no meaning here, but I'll play along. The church is for the souls of the living while the doorway leads to the graveyard for the souls of the dead.

There's a campground just to the right so jump in the Winnebago and you could live there for a while at least.

d00mg1rl said...

I think I'd go with the souls of the dead over the camp ground.