Friday, February 9, 2007

Wild Iris

Egg Tempera
10 x 7.5

Here's another of my intimate landscape series. This is from the same day and same place as the previous post, just a little further down the hill.


malcolm Arnold said...

I agree Dave , The small intimate corners of mother nature hold just as much interest as do the big and the vast . Alas too many look for the expanses and miss much . Artists like you allow us , your viewers , to get up close and personal with that which is offered by nature . For me personally the up close is like a magnet . By the way , I am starting to feel a bit of personal guilt . Your wonderful work has kept me away from doiing my own stuff BUT boy am I enjoying it . Thanks .

Dave B said...

And thanks to you. The good news is you're just about back to the beginning so you can get back to your own work which is pretty good in itself. I've got some new things that need photographing. They should be up soon.

d00mg1rl said...

Simple yet packs a punch. I can see a little creature calling this place home.